Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Greetings yall, it's been a wild few days. 

But before I relate the last few days adventures, I'm going to muse in a calm, rational way about drugs. 

For as longs as humanity has attained consciousness, we attempted to alter that consciousness. The ritualistic consumption of mind/body altering substances remains a central tenant  of countless spiritual communities. From peyote to Manichewitz, people have always been testing the limits of intoxication in order to attain various states of mind. However, drugs stopped being disseminated in strictly meaningful ways a long time ago. Drugs like caffeine and alcohol, respectively a stimulant and depressant, seem to drive our society. The pharmaceutical  industry exploded over the last half century as various governments continue to state that "drugs are bad" and to "just say no".  The truth is that drugs, like any other inanimate object, possess no intrinsic value. It's the usage that results in beneficial or detrimental outcomes.  

The role of "shaman" was traditionally passed down through the generation. This was a person with an intimate knowledge of drugs that could advise on matters physical and spiritual. They would gather, cure, prepare, administer the drugs, then interpret the reaction. Adversely, the advice passed down to me on the subject of pot was "just don't do it".  Such words of wisdom from my parents are entirely understandable, yet wholly irrational. Everyone knew that I'd try it eventually but fears of the "gateway drug" caused my folks to express the issue as entirely black and white. The taboo reputation made it entirely more desirable. Instead of experimenting with the drug in a safe environment, I clandestinely tried to smoke as much as possible.  Luckily I've always been wise enough to stop smoking when my brain gets too mushy. For many the habit is difficult to break.

But for others it's important to consume various drugs everyday. For many people drugs help to reduce anxiety, tap into creativity and gain higher levels of consciousness. I've been off pot for weeks, but it gives me a lingering alternative perceptive remains. When I did smoke, I gained an astounding boost of physical energy. I can do many more pushups when I'm high. On the negative side, after a period of daily smoking, the drug fogs my mind. Like all things in life, a middle road is the way to go. A tiny drag would now get me high for hours. 

To conclude, I've decided I will chronicle my drug use. I do this to be honest about the balance of  pleasure, work and spirituality that I've attained. I want you all to know that I'm wise enough to stay safe and I encourage you to do the same. I also hope to break down some of misconceptions and fears about drug use. The lesson is to be inspired to do what you want. Triangulate your gut, your heart and your head and you'll always made the right decision.   

Love you all, 



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