Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Update.

Greetings all.

Please accept my apologies for the last gap in posts. Upon returning to Ottawa, I've discovered that people have been actually reading and enjoying my blog. So as it's not an obtuse exercise in vanity, I shall continue to regale you with the enthralling tales of my life.

It's been under a month since my return, and things have been going swimmingly. Energized from the road, I've been rather focused and the results have been palpable. Firstly, I've been playing tones of music. I've been granted the illustrious Saturday afternoon spot at the Rainbow Bistro. That means from 3 30 to 8 pm you, every Saturday, you can come hear me and my friends play awesome music. My plan is to have a few hours of open mike and perhaps 45 minutes of a featured artist. The rest of the time I'll be spinning the many vinyl records I've amassed over the years. (As soon I get a record player worked out)

This week our featured artist is the bodaciously talented Chelsea O'Connor ( who also happens to be my new girlfriend, but more on that later). Chelsea writes songs about human condition as well being a potty mouthed floozy. We're hoping her mother can come by on Saturday to see what an accomplished performer Chelsea has become.

I've also started making CDs with my music. The disk is a combination of a live songs I performed at Zaphod's last summer and some home recordings I did with my friend John Aaron last winter. It's mostly originals, and three covers. I'm pretty happy with how it came out, so If you want some mellow folk/blues/rockabilly with lots of bizarre scatting, then pickup a copy. Send me a note if you want one or picked one up at the Umi Cafe. 5-8$ for about 10 songs. If you want to trade or barter, that's cool too. The packaging is homemade, so each one is a collectors item.

I'm tentatively joining three established Ottawa bands. It would be playing bass in the Bible All stars, Banjo in the Dusty Drifters and guitar in Instant Release. As I say it's all maybe right now, but it's all looking good.

A more sure thing is that the Sick Sick Sicks will be reviving. Exciting, yeah I know. Expect the long awaited full length album. Also, I'll be recording more solo music soon. It will be radio quality and I plan on pushing it nationally.

Modeling has picked up again. Check out the Halloween edition of the giant tiger catalog. I'm also going to recreate some classic James Dean pictures with an established European fashion photographer. I'll keep you posted.

University has entangled me again, but for the last time! I'm finally graduating this year. It's been a tumultuous undertaking, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Luckily it's only two classes that I need to finish, so it won't be taking up too much time.

So Chelsea O'Connor is similar to me in that she's undertaking many projects, the difference is she takes on about 10 times as much as I do. She's got a fine arts degree from Ryerson, now she's in her second year of broad casting at Algonquin. She's a stand up comic, has recorded a full length record with her band, has her own jewelry company, is a reporter for rogers TV, has two jobs and still has time to hang out with me. The day before our official first date we met at an open mike and the connection was instantaneous. It's been 8 days now with no signs of slowing down. You rock honey bunny.

To continue an old strain of adventure, the Parksville yoga thing proved to be surreal. As you know I showed up and things well at the shop, maybe could have been a bit better. Simon and I talked about leaving in order to play music around the country, the plans were going well. Then on one beautiful day, a new mothers group showed up and we everything was going to be okay. I had moved to Vancouver and Simon was going through the sale of the studio when things got, well, fucked. There was a disagreement with the new owner about rights to Simon's image as well as the video he had made. As well as a disagreement with Simon's girlfriend about opening another studio up in a 100km vicinity. The result was locked doors and fired teachers. The studio has been in my prayers. I'm hoping they can resolve their differences.

I've been keeping up my yoga and it's been great!

I think that's all for now. I should probably get a job. If anyone has a cool job for me, let me know.

And give me feed back.

Also, I'm really good at cooking and playing music. So if you want me to come over to your house or party I can create a fantastic meal for as many people as you want and then I can sing you songs about my life on the road.

And, come to critical mass.

I think that's all for real this time.

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