Sunday, April 18, 2010

On reletavism

With the growth into adulthood comes a personal reflection into the basic framework of how we choose to live as individuals. Out of our parents control, we are given the chance to examine the many elements that formed our upbringing, and can then pick, choose and generally make up our own systems of morality, judgement and behavior in general. The post modern perspective is that we are all constructions of various elements; genetic, societal and otherwise, which determine our identities, outlook and lifestyle. The amalgamation of these elements, which can be harmonious or conflicting, lay the groundwork by which we navigate adulthood. Some basic universal tenets, like the golden rule, are manifested in various traditions and permeate divers segments of society, while other seemingly equivalent tenets, like the notion of “shame”, are approached objectively and consequently phased out.

The website, offered a lecture suggesting that the application of various scientific fields to the subject of morality, could create a universally accepted body of truths on the subject. Somewhere between the porn-stacked reading sections of every convenience store and the burka clad oppression of the middle East, lies an awaiting balance of happy and balanced individuals and societies, to be attained by the application of psychology, ecology, biology and any other area of study which may be relevant. A self-reflective examination of contemporary western morality world will prove to be riveting and probably discordant. Dissecting erroneous practices from out Judeo-Christian framework will make for a radically altered state of group consciousness. That’s not to say the system of morality will be voice of tradition; in the age of information we have the capacity to examine and borrow from For example, in countless traditional cultures around the world, unlike in the west, the sight of human genitals, in any circumstance, is an entirely benin experience. When turn the microscope onto ourselves, what will be the behaviors that exists for the benefit the earth and all it’s inhabitants and which ones for the convenience of a domineering mythological patriarchy? The distinctions will undoubtably become obvious as science continues to cary out it’s long standing tradition of reshaping the way we think about the world.

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