Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello Friends, Family, well wishers and occupiers.

Upon return from BC my life took on a slow but steady rize in personal engagement and activities. I came back primarily to help Morgan Friend release and promote a CD that we made last spring, it's ready, we'be been practicing and the release is next Friday the 28th. The rehersals are going well and I just got a new passport in preperation for a possible Irish tour this comming winter or spring.

Besides that, though, many other things have popped up, it feels like this week is hitting one of those exponential elbows where suddenly everything happens at once.

To begin, I've got a full time job. It's the first time I've had real employment in over two years. I've been surviving on various gigs, freinds/family, post-capitalist means, like dumpster diving and camping. Now I'm assembling re-furbished bikes for a bike share program called Right Bike. It's launching next spring, a 50$ membership fee allows you to borrow a bike anytime during a six month period. Based in westburrow, it's nice to be involved in this community initiative, even if it's tedius. A two week contract. It's ironic that I got this job now, because it coninsides with....

Occupy Ottawa. An extention of the Occupy Wall Street protests, it's the creation of an alternative, leaderless organization of society. We're camped out in Confederation park and it's growing by the day. Around 500 people came out to the first general assembly and the tent city is growing by the day. 1500 of this type of on going action are now going on in cities around the world.

I'm the facilitator for the Arts and Culture Working Group with in the occupation. It intails many things, but mostly chairing meetings, and keeping an overall eye on the group. The A and C group is rapidly expanding, we're putting on an Open Mike on saturday, are making massive signs for the camp and are coordinating with the Ottawa Zombie walk, among other thigns.

I'm also in the Food working group. This means cooking, organizing donation, serving and keeping watch.

The Sick Sick Sicks (my band) are also on a roll again. There's some internal disscusions concerning the direction of the band. We're booked in studio in the next week and we're playing at OverKill Bar on Saturday night, October 22nd. Considering all my new responsibilities, Im thinking the band is going to go back on the back back burner for a while. I've been saying for a while this band seems to have a life of its own, always being resurected in new forms with new members.

And, I'm doing some newd modeling for life drawing classes comming up.

In an attempt to maintain sanity, I've begun meditating every day, and it seems to help. Anxiety is lurking around the corner though.

So there it is, a window into my current existence. Life at the occupation is tones of fun, lots of music, yoga, conversation, workshops, hot food, art supplies and joy. I urge you all to come and visit if only for a bit. This movement is gaining momentum.

Also, I think I could use a girlfriend, but I don't know if I could fit it in. I always have the great Goddess though.

Hope this wasn't too long. Love you all.

M "Dali" C

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