Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanks giving Monday. I ran into my friend Nat yesterday, he said he enjoyed my blog, reminding me that I had a blog. Things are progressing. Last night I played at Irean's pub in the Glebe. It posed a moral dilemma, since it meant skipping dinner in Kingston with my extended family. On the other hand, I'm doing my darnedest to pursue a music career. They understood the sacrifice I made and the gig turned out really well. Plus I got to hang out with Rufus for the whole weekend.

I wrote a set list of songs before going on, and a list of conversation topics. I talked about my travels, exploits and opinions on current events. I realized I've written about 20 songs, 12 of which I've memorized. Racking my brain, I realized I've learned some 15 covers on top of that, but have forgotten many. Time to buckle down and practice.

The audience seemed generally enthused. During my break, a fellow at the bar mentioned how "surprised he was at my energy considering there were only seven people in the bar" (more like 12 at that point). Another chap said he could tell that I really loved what I was doing. At one point I asked the audience to stomp out a rhythm, and I busted out some breakdancing. It was the kind of gig I've been fantasizing about for years. It was just me and a guitar but I put on a great show for three hours. The type of show I'm bound to replicate and evolve countless times over.

Sides from that, the Rainbow is going pretty slow. But the Cajun Attic is going well. I'm hosting that open mike every Tuesday night. Its next to Dunn's downtown, on the second level.

The Sick Sick Sicks are playing are playing on October 21st, but I don't have a permanent roster. So if you think your good enough to play in the band, send me a note.

I recorded an EP with my friend Gareth. It's a really good disk. Me playing with an instrument, no over dubs. The official release is November 12th. 9pm. 5$. 19plus. My friends the Rough Sea, Andre Bluteau and Ken Voita will also be performing.

facebook event

I started hot yoga again, and it rocks! The benefits are immediately tangible and I recommend it to everyone. There's cheap intro rates at most studios. I's worth it.

Chelsea and I are still doing well. I have a feeling we spend time together that should be spent on school work, but meh. You only live once. Plus, her grades are still high.

I've got things to do. Love you all,


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