Friday, November 20, 2009

Greetings and salutation. I just read that last one, and jesu,um crow that's some dark and angsty shit. That's what I'd call backing into a corner. Luckily, my outlet was this constructive black book and the glorious internet. I spoke to one of my profs, he turned out to be anxtious for the conversation, I think I'll be hanging around the offices more. The papers I owed for his class I can hand in at my leisure. I've got one more class to contend with and prof #1 speaks highly of #2. The truth of the matter is that I am busy as jesus christ on a bicycle, so much so that I've got repeatedly skip English class in order to "do some research on Hip Hop". Seriously. Psyche, It's that a working musician of my caliber can't always afford to lag on the latest breakdancing moves and hip hop news. All the music that I'm playing publicly is starting to dig into my "me" time. Hah. I did managed to get stoned tonight though. First time in a week. I came to the realization that I've known I've had the best family and friends since the age of two. For the last many years, we've been getting stoned and doing silly things, Now we've made a magazine.

It's called "Dragon Cock: A gamer's guide to fantasy role-playing games."

It will feature.

Rants, Raves and Wrecked 'em's by Maxim

Scat-Sociological comentary with Sr. Pancake and Whore Analyst, Marc-Andre

Conversation avec des non-bilangue.

Stories by Matt

Measurements by Clyde

Illicit profesization from J. A.

-Angry at nothing. Picture an old man yelling at a broken clock, ect....

-Bad Mad Libs.

-Age/Gender/Ethnicity/Religious/Culturally Specific Advice/Hilarious Hate.

-Horror Scope ( I need to copy right that one)

-Funkdementals ( I'm on band name fire!)

-Threats from the Undead.

"Dickens is fucking pissed off!"
"Washington is fucking pissed off!"
"Mandella if fucking, oh wait...."

Stoner Jesus.

I think I'll do a stoner jesus bit now.

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