Sunday, November 1, 2009

Autumn rizing.

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Hey folks, happy November. I'm always a fan of the months changing. New cycles excite me. I dig fall because it's death. It's the end of one structure, to be torn down and reborn. A blank slate. A time to wipe away sins and indiscretions and start fresh.

Here are some cool things that I've been engaged in recently.

1. Solo Ep. The new CD is finished. Now it's a matter of getting it reproduced and online. My ideal plan is to have the record available to download, paying what you will/can. You'll be able to stream it on myspace presently. I'm quite pleased with the outcome. Seeing as it's my first official release, I've kept it simple. It sounds exactly as I would sitting in front of you playing and singing.

I'm having an official release party next week at the Elmdale tavern. 5$. November 12th. And it 19+, so get a fake ID if your underage. This is a fairly monumental occasion for me. I've been performing for about ten years, and now I've started taking things more seriously. This marks my first of many releases and it's gonna be a beautiful evening. The other musicians are talented and good friends of mine, I'm sure Ken Voita and Andre Bluteau won't disappoint.

Elmdale Tavern
1084 Wellington St
Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y5
(613) 728-2848

As well as being able to take a piece of me home, I'll be sending the songs to folk festivals around the world. When I'm done school, I'll be going on a long tour.

2. School. It kinda sucks my soul. I'm still incapable or unwilling to plan out rational work schedules when it comes to school. Then I get super stressed and hand in a sub par piece of work. I'm quite enjoying the classes though. The discussions are usually quite enthralling and my teachers are informative and concise. I'm looking forward to being finished.

3. Mechanicsville monologues.

Mechanicsville is a blue collar neighborhood in the west end of Ottawa. It's notorious for whores and gangs, but it's getting better. Seems like all the trouble in Ottawa is moving to the fringes. This play is a series of monologues from the perspective of people living there over the last sixty years. There's battered women, trannies, a cop, a taxi driver and an array of richly crafted characters. I'm playing banjo, harmonica, fiddle, resonator, mandolins and hand drum as well as singing between and during the monologues. My friend Matt Smith asked me to perform and I'm indebted to him; the practices have been awesome so far. The writing and performances are highly compelling. There's a lot of spirit in this play, it's just one person speaking at a time, but it's not dry at all. The actors are all fantastic and It's inspiring me to write some really cool music, I recommend checking it out. Plus it's performed at the Carleton Tavern, so it's interactive and you can drink while watching!

5. Sick Sick Sicks/Unnamed new swing band.

The Sicks rose briefly to open for Big John Bates, and it was a wicked show. I threw together 6 musicians at the last minute, all in suits. Photo's and videos will come eventually. The end result it that the Sicks will continue in one capacity or another and that I'm starting a slick swing band with my friend Bob Primo. I don't know what the Sicks will sound like, but It'll be cool. The plan for the swing band is to have three hours of Louis Prima style jazz and swing then some cool originals. I'll keep you informed.

4. HOLAS, Humanitarian Organization of Latin American Students. I met the prez and Co prez at Critical Mass a few weeks back and decided to check out their meeting. Every Monday night they offer salsa dance lessons and every Friday before the general meeting, they offer Spanish and Portuguese lessons, all on a donation basis. Their two main goals are the promotion of Latin American culture and humanitarian projects in the Americas. They've grown substantially in the last two years and are now on the verge of legalization into NGO. I quite enjoyed the Spanish lessons, the meeting and the group of people. Everyone is encouraged to attend meetings, lessons and events. This is a great group of dedicated students who have an awwsome time getting good things done. I'll be blogging for them.

5. I'll probably be doing some runway modeling for Fashion Cures A la Mode, in support of Ovarian Cancer. These shows are cool for people/clothing watching and it's a good cause.

I think that's it for now, Come on the 12th.

Love you all,


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