Sunday, May 30, 2010


Bright and clear morning, although the lack of sleep and bush living were taking their tole on the montrealers who began to snip at each other a bit. Goodbeys were made, Striker said he’d have me back next year, then Steph and I hit the road. The plan was to make it to Nanimo for the next night, my old pal Miles Howe had invited me to perform at his weekly tuesday night gig. Quite sunny, we rode with ease down the highway and were carried forward by a good bunch of people in cars. Outside of Roberts Creek we were picked up by a wild woman named Cindy Lee, she had the unbridled energy of a sixteen year old, but was apparently closer to 50. Right away she began talking about the magic of the universe and I knew we’d be friends for a long time when she asked to hear some banjo playing, she was the only driver on the trip, a group of about 10 people who made the request. She took us to a local beach to smoke a joint, there we stretched, did some tai chi, and she told us about her life creating a healing space in the middle of her small town. According to Cindy we are all healers and it’s simply a matter of finding out what your gift is, her place is open to practitioners of all stripes to come and practice their techniques. After grabbing a mango smoothie and some pie at a coffee shop courtesee of our friend Andrew, we went to see the Richard’s creek mandala. It’s a holy in the middle of a beach walkway, covering the ground is sacred paintings, apparently it’s the border point of Seshelt and Sqwamish territory. I like the idea of a sacred border that focuses on diverse peoples coming together, rather then the notion of a protected barrier that’s passible only by intense scrutiny. Around some bushes were Eric and Molly, the young banjo players from the day before, they were enjoying their daily six pack in the beautiful sun. Teaching them each some licks and tricks, they heaped love and praise onto me, quite the pleasurable experience. While doing a double banjo rendition of foggy mountain breakdown, an elderly gentleman in a brown coat and sunglasses started to do a jib, spin around, and executed a priouette. I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough. Cindy went to drop Andrew off at the fairy, while Steph and I strolled the board walk, we saw an otter up close and the fin of a seriously killer whale. Attempting to make fire with only sticks, the surface area was heating up nice, releasing the welcoming sent of pine into the air, but no sparks. More young folk emerged to congregate around the beach side fire pit, where perhaps every day, they sit and talk and love. It was a mirror of my old parksville crew, who seemed to gather together spontaneously at fire pits around the town. Cindy picked us up and took us up on an offer to do some manual labour, the job was painting the wellness center. Located in a community market, every corner had different styles of clothing, art, cards and nicknacks made and imported by the locals. Opening up a side door, we came into the massage therapy front room of Cindy’s space. A bit further opened into a bigger main room that serves the purpose of holding healing, in many different forms. We mixed purple paint and spent the next few hours taping, cutting, rolling and detailing the walls. Meditative in it’s practice and in it’s long term, painting that room was a great project, a work worthy of the new world and ways to live. Munching on borsh and then Ice cream, we were quite the happy hitch hikers. Cindy regailed us with stories of her youth and spritual growth. She was telling us about the extended spiritual community all starting to come together, all understanding the great shift that’s taking place. She spoke the native elders who cried with joy when approached about the prospect of canoe races, a tradition they thought had withered years ago. The great canoe’s can hold around thirteen people, with a drummer guide. The races have been gaining momentum and popularity in the area, I hope to partake asap. After painting cindy drove us to gibson’s to lay down in a basement apartment of a friends house. We marveled in the beauty and power of the day.

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