Thursday, May 13, 2010

May12th cont.

It’s about 5 pm when I wake up in stanley park, wrapped in my green tarp, feeling awesome. I realized my friend Simon wanted my number, so I via my cell phone, I searched through facebook, only to discover a fairly incredible note left by him. Apparently a friend of our friend Bossy is interested in investing a significant amount of dough in order to create a television show about the wild adventures of our band Pirate Yogi Crew. Today we’re going to talk about what this show might look like. There was another note from the manager of a blues/barbeque bar in toronto offering me a gig, this was significant because even though I’ve played hundreds of shows, toured Canada and the states, I’ve never been approached to play anywhere based on my solo music online. Those two notes made me happy.

At first the thought was to take off to Vancouver Island to hook up with Simon and Bossy, but then I though I’d rather travel by light of day, so Jason, Brian and I went to Brian’s watering hole to catch the weekly amateur Comedy night. All day we’d been encouraging Jason to go into comedy, he took the opportunity to fully engage each comic. It was a strange night, the bar was dead and there was a middle aged woman in the front row telling her own jokes and and bantering with jason. There was one comic was apparently had some internet reputation and was quite decent named Simon King. The woman at the front, and jason, were becoming more brash and the bar staff didn’t like that very much, so as I found out later, they tacitly gave one of the comics permission to try and “walk her”. This resulted in a barrage of insults about the woman’s family and her genitalia. Fairly shocking to say the least. At the end Jason was the center of attraction, the last comic kept asking him questions and poking fun at his answers. Then in the parking lot, jason got sick and was asking for a doctor, Brian and I did our lifeguard thing and decided he just needed to puke it out and sleep it off. I baby sat as B walked home to get the car. Upon coming back, we hauled J into the car and I was asked to drive. It was a fun time.

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