Sunday, June 27, 2010

A bit for yall

Well folks, sorry about the delay, life has taking me on the most mystical of voyages and is preparing itself to culminate in the form of a book. In the mean time, for all of you who like to "live vicariously through me" here's what happend, more or less since Peanut Butter aka steff, and I left the ferry at nanaimo.

My old friend Miles Howe picked us up in the white subaru legacy that we'd driven across the country in last year, Shirly was it's name. A bit more rust and the shocks were starting to go, but a flood of memories came to me from those super intense weeks of performing, traveling and extreme emotions of last year. Miles' house was being looked at by for the purpose of being sold, so he took us to the food exchange where he used to work. There were lot's of gardens, a small pond and a green house that all for the purpose of feeding teh community. Wehile Miles worked there, it was his responsibility to picked up excess fruits, nuts, veges and other edibles that people had in excess of around the city. He would o clolect it, give some to the owner of the property, some to the exchange and keep some himself, the exchange's truck and networks made it all possible. We stood over three beautiful chickens and talked about the last year, neither of us had real jobs for sometime, Miles had been playing concerts in the surrounding areas, had recorded another disk and seems to be building a fan base. He'd been given a weekly spot at a local bar and was attempting to make the shows as facinating as possible. That night beside me playing, there was a Japanese DJ, a singing sea captain, a mystic doing a seance.

Sorry folks, my skills with a knife are needed in the other room, more stories soon!

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