Monday, June 28, 2010

Nanimo concert and wild times

We arrived, set up some, the went for a stroll along the dirty nanaimo harbour, quite industrial, we shared stories about our youth and took in the beautiful grime of the port. Strolling back we PB picked up a teddy rusknin book that was all about a shrinking machine and showed things like a strawberry and pencil up close. Back at the bar we made the aquantance of a few member of VIZR, that the Vancouver Island Zombie Resistance. Aparently they take the threat of a zombie apocolapes quite seriously, since the apocalyps could happen at any time, and since they will probably be drunk when it does happen (because they drink all the time) they've taken to train with guns while getting drunk. No joke. The zombie walks that take place in many towns are, acording to them, a serious problem, and when ever it does happen, they take their chains and guns in case things get out of hand, again, no joke. I recorded an interview with Drifter, the fellow who started it, they've been stopped by the cops a few times but have managed to get out of it. They don't apear to take the training to seriously, but they're all facinated by zombies and awaite the apocoalys, which entails getting borded up in the grocery store, and then...;they don't really know. But they're convictions are well formed. The show stared with Danny the singing captain doing sea chanties and irish didies, they were quite cool, he's got wild eyes, shaggy hair and a grizly beard. The tune were all lively and heart felt, he invited me up and we rocked some cool tunes. Then the mystic gathered us all together in a circle, our hands above and below each other, and she lead a healing ceremony. I could feel the energy flow between us all, as a drunken woman questioned the validity of our practiced, she contined to haggle throughout the show. It did feel healing, together all focusing on bringing in negative energy and cleansing it in the circle, I think it worked and it was a nice addition and carrying through from the healing we did at cindy's the day before. Next up I did my thing on stage, complete with all my new jokes which went over quite well. At the end of my set I asked the crowd what BP and I should do next, seeing as how we didn't have any plans. Up chimed Danny, inviting us to go sailing on his boat, I graciously acepted the invitation. The pinata was up, bashed farly quickly exploding the plastic army men everywhere, then came the japanese DJ, who mixed some great tunes, wonderful for break dancing to. I was asked to repeate one of my jokes to a local, the one out the turd saying telling me my life was usless, it was an excremental crisis, then BP, Danny and I strolled to the harbor, got into the dingy, and I rowed the three of us the 30 minute ride, in the darkness and dimming nanaimo sky line, to the Be Fuller, Danny's 45 foot kitch (that means two masts, among other things). We smoked some good stuff in the cabin then Danny showed PB and I to the double bed in the back of the boat. Some rain was trickling down through a broken seal, but there were tones of blankets making it ever so cozy, so cozy.

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