Saturday, July 24, 2010

A poem for Rebeca in exchange for a Tarot Reading

Charly the dancing beetle

There was a cute beetle named Charley
Who’s limbs loved to flail when he danced
Over meadows, through valleys, by fields and rocks
He would twirl and spin and prance

Charley moshed and grooved with all his might
Casting doubts and fears far away
One day he flew inside of a kitchen
Door closing behind in dismay

By a big window he bopped on the pane
On faucet and cupboard he twirled
He did a quick jig on the knives and forks
On the salt shaker he boggied and whirled

He started to miss the world outside
The trees and grass that he knew
Charley the beetle missed his bug friends
So out came his wings and flew

Against that window with freedom so close
Did his best dance of liberation
But the glass it would not give
It was time for the dance of salvation

Focusing energy through his bug chakra
Reviving great moments of movement
All who have ever dance, and then healed
Help him channel all powerful groovement

A blaze of wings, antenna, shell
Light, sound emanated his ora
The ground shook with the worlds dancing feet
Glass got soft, charley smelled flora

A great flash of lightning struck through the house
It poked through the glass like a needle
Charley squeezed through, it was just big enough
And away danced happy cute beetle

This tale has a moral, that much is true
Dancing is best all the time
So dance like a beetle when you ‘re yellow blue
To make sure Charley’s dancing too.

ps. Matt Epp and a brief but pleasant exchange.

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