Friday, July 15, 2011

The most incredible thing that's ever happend to me

Now that my three year, epic spiritual journey has been bookened and the next chapter is beginning, I feel it's time to start sharing some of the experiences. This story actually happened. I'd been on the road for about three months and had felt a strong pull towards the Burning Man festival. Burning man is a a celebration of art and the destruction of "the man", so art, giving, freedom, love, expression but also fireballs, free bars and fire shows are everywhere you go. 50 000 people gather in the middle of the Nevada desert, creating a week-long city for the sole purpose of exploring expression.

It was on the Sunday morning after the 8 story tall man was burned to the ground, at the end of the week. Wandering around in the hot sun, a man with blond hair and glasses, lying in a hammock invited me though a megaphone to the dome he was in. With about 7 people we ate delicious breakfast burritos, smoked some dubies and drank whiskey. A man with the nickname Hobosus came and sang some tunes about his mother telling him to make up and kiss his sister. I sang some tunes and we got to chatting; living with only a jacket and the clothes on my back for the last few months, walking barefoot and hoping a freight train over the border got Mr. Hobosus' respect and said I was a true hobo.

The man in the hammock had promised me some magic mushrooms but forgot about me, so the second time asking, a lovely asian girl provided some, and as they started to kick in, I new it was time to go for a wander. Walking down one of the roads, thoughts of a few nights before entered my head. Mid afternoon on friday, I came across a camp that consisted of four large tee pees in a square, a fire in the middle and rope bordering the outside. One of the woman with the camp described it as the womb of the new world, aligned at 6 30 from the man (the city is shaped like a clock) and the four teepe's were all symbolic. Going in a clockwise circle, starting on the front left, first we came to the sun tent, aka the men's tent, back left was the earth, the women's, back right was the moon, the bleeding women's, front right was the spirits-wind, the ancestor's, where both men and women were welcome. In the middle of it all was the fire. The tents were sacred places for ceremony, I spent my time in the sun tent with another man talking about magic, spirits and intergalactic radio stations that you can tap into by focusing on a star, seeing another star twinckle, drawing a line from one to the other and repeating it untill it made a geometric form. This apparently allowed people to listen into transmissions from around the galaxy.

After our time in the teepee, we volunteered to welcome people into the camp, explaining everything and blessing people in the name of the 5 elements. The lady telling us about the camp said we were the first men, not from the camp, to be the gate keepers, and that special things would happen to us so to be ourselves for the rest of the festival.

Flash forward to the mushroom trip, the glactic radio signals came into my mind. After so much casual talk about the star communities, I felt that they must be listening in at burning man and would be able to help out if I made the right intention of contancting them. I wanted to go into space, in my head I said, "my intention is to go into space". And went about trying to acomplish this task. Taking a few steps, I sensed someone behind me and turned to see three ladies walking near me. All three had long dresses, they were standing in a circle, we saw each other, smiled and exchanged hellos. I said "I wonder if you could bless my intention``. The one who answered had beautiful and petite facial features, was about 5"2', thin dreadlocks, warm eyes, a noticeably wide jaw, and a light African complexion. ``What is your intention?``. Tickled that someone actually cared and that my intention might come true, a great big grin spread across my lips and I noticed the other two women; one of middle eastern or Persian decent, younger then the first, absolutely gorgeous. The other woman had on a vale, all wearing long modest dresses or calming colours.

I said `well, uh, to go into space, sooner rather then
later.`` The african lady looked into my eyes and with a soothing and confident voice said ``let it be now, let it be safe``. The four of us walked to the side of the road and into my mind popped something I'd read in a copy of the witches bible I'd found in a hobo jungle outside of takoma washington. The book was a great resourse, spoke about the feminine power being the first among equals in this dualistic reality but specifically, the three form godess representing three stages of feminity, the youthful maiden, the mother, and the grandmother crone. The male being represented by the comming together of magic and animal, the horned beast.

So we walked to the side of the road and the mother asked me to sitdown, the maiden and the crone on either side of me. She put the hoop around me, sat across from me and said it again, let it be safe, let it be now. I closed my eyes, and what felt like a wush of wind came up from below. In front of my eyes flashed a multitude of colours in rapic sucession, all associated with their own buzzing sound, unique taste and smell. The wind started to pick up and the colours got more intense A great smile overtook my lips as I started rocking with the power that was overtaking me. The wind got so strong I opened my eyes; the three of them were still sitting peacefully, but the pressure inside that hoop got so strong it ejected me, threw me back, I took off running. The force carried me 30 feet before slowing down. Once I slowed down, I just shook my head, smiled and started strolling back to the ladies. There were three poeple at another camp near by, observing, we smiled and waved.

Aproaching the ladies, the african one was standing with something on her palm. She said to me "look what you birthed". "What?". She held out and passed to me a small quarts christal with three spires, sparkling in the sun. "I made this?" I asked. "It was sitting on the ground where you were" She replied. We sat facing each other, all cross legged. The mother across from me, the maiden and the crone faicing each other. With a certain serious nature, the mother asked me "why do you exist?". Once agian the witches bible came to mind, it said the feminine is the dominent but the masculine exists to pass energy back and forth like poles on battery; that we inspire each other and fill each other with energy. A symbol for this is the two spirals, both going clockwise, one on the left, starting in
the middle, birth, growth, feminine, expansion, and one on the right,
starting on the outside and going in, homecomming, chrystalization,
masculinity, death and transformation. The two sides of life exist to be each others muses, to energize and enlighten; they need each other, like the ying yang.

I said "to polarize you" with a satisfied grin, feeling like it was the answer she was looking for. With a warm smile and more relaxed tone she said "say it again". "To polarize you and create everything that is this world."

Before sitting down she drew an infinity sign in the ground with her finger (a figure eight). After giving my response I looked down and drew one small circle above it and one big one around all three. That symbols was inspired by a dried snake I'd found on the side of the a hiway on vancouver Island.

Not the best picture of him, but it's the only one of I could find of him on the internet. World, meet Oscar the Perpetual Party Snake. On my way from Tofino to Shambala, far into the Kooteny's of BC, Oscar was sitting in the middle of nowhere, on the side of the highway. I brought him to the massive dance festival and spent much of the time walking around, showing him to everyone. It was a sacred object and folks were tickled to meet him and hold him.!/photo.php?fbid=438596562552&set=t.503098270&type=1&theater

I put the chrystal in the middle circle of the infinity circles and we all
close our eyes. In the mind's eye I could see the circle we`d made in the center, it was a gold ring and I could only see one quater of it. Rushing up through the circle was the most powerful energy I'd ever come across; it felt like hurds of purple and
gold elephants, or 18 wheeler's, racing through, as great strangs of purple energy. It went on for a few moments when the maiden said something about meeting freinds and we all opened our eyes. The intese power made me slightly loopy and I blurted out "Ì think we made a vortex". The mother's eye's open flashed open then closed again, with a deep moan comming from her belly, shaking her head said, "mmmm, say it again". "I think we made a vortex and we're birthing the new world. We closed our eyes and the rush of energy flying upward continued, the great power surging through.

After a few moments we open our eyes again and sat in silence, then they had to go. We got up, hugged, and I devoted myself to the mother. In spanish (for some reason) I said I'd always be the fool, the magician and preist, three tarot cards that resonated with me.

We said our goodbyes, and I stood there watching them seem to float away, abreast, long dress fluttering in the wind, untill a dust strom came up, disapearing them. Walking over to the onlooker's I'd asked if they'd ever seen those girls before. They said no, that they were just attracted to my enegery.

After that I went to SanFransico and Santa cruz, where things were equally magical.

All my love,


ps. this did actually happen, It was a low dose of mushrooms, not that much wisky. A number of other sureal/mystical things happened to me along the way, that will be comming out in their own time. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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