Saturday, March 13, 2010


Cleveland rocks, it’s true. As I was leaving the library yesterday, I made my first tour friend, he was a big warmhearted man named Maurice. Apparently he had a three engenering degrees but couldn’t find work in Cleveland, that the city has been feeling the recession for the last ten or fifteen years. He said he’d probably go back to california and go back to building planes. I met up with my ladies (Amanda Rheaume, Tara Holloway and NLX) at the venue, Wilberts, and it was a welcome scene. There were guitars on the bar and pictures of many a great bluesman on the wall, a good music appreciation vibe all around. We located a hotel and took off for a nap. I hadn’t really slept on the 14 hour bus ride, so a real bed was dandy.

At the gig we were joined by a local singers songwriter named Jessica who thankfully brought out a big old crowd of friends and family. The four girls did two sets of songwriter circle style performances, and I did a set in between. I was taken aback by the talent that I’m lucky enough to be touring with, these girls are incredible and I’m proud to be part of the group. Feedback was positive all around and we made enough to cover our lodgings and gas to Chicago, so far so good. Mike the owner, Bob the bartender and Jim the soundman were welcoming and quite friendly, I recommend this bar to anyone.

It’s morning again, it’s raining, but our spirits are high, today it’s off to Chicago!

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