Saturday, March 20, 2010



Today I woke up late and happy. Dan asked if I wanted BBQ, but we ended up going to a place named Chewy’s for happy hour. THe margarita’s were about three or for dollars, the five of us got 19 of them, for about 60$ I think. The best thing about that place is that there a nacho bar that can fill up at anytime, for free. Big bags of chips were emptied into the tray every twenty minutes or so and you have a choice of three different salsas, metled cheez with jalepinions, refried beans, all for free. And, the place was an elvis shrine, too cool.

We then went to Katy’s house, who’s a Dan’s boss. We spent the evening two-stepping, playing banjo, drinking beer, shooting the shit and playing a great game I’ve never heard of called “washers”.

It was pure texas. Afterwords we went to the tacorea, mexican food is mind blowing.



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