Sunday, December 13, 2009

My favourite book.

My favourite book was written by my grandfather, it's called "Getting the Shaft". Grandpa worked for the atomic energy commission in Washington during the 1950's, he was partly responsible for the dissemination of nuclear power in the US and Canada. Eventually he learned that any processed fuel takes at least, and you can check this with the EPA, ten thousand years before it's safe to handle. Eventually he worked with the anti nuclear movement and he and his family moved to Manitoba, to get away from the draft and pollution of the late sixties.

They bought some property in the country, near a municipality called Lake du Bonney. Low and behold the Canadian nuclear industry wanted to create an underground waste facility in the area. The book entails my grandparents struggle to prevent such a facility from being built. Grandpa got black listed from many jobs, but eventually they won. In the eighties the manitoba legislature passed a law which prevented the transportation of nuclear waste anywhere in the province. This effectively shut down the waste industry and my Grandfather, now in his mid eighties, continues his anti-nuclear activist work, mostly online now.

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