Thursday, December 31, 2009

The next life step

Greetings and salutations, there’s been so many links to the this blog on Ottawatonite, I feel I must retort in kind. It’s the last day of the year and things area pretty cool. During a christmas visit to my grandparents house in Kingston, I found a receptive audience to my updates and was touched at the detailed questions pertaining to my blog. Family support is insurmountable in my journey, emotionally and otherwise. This is the time of year to celebrate those ties and to understand family as a broad concept since familial love has been arriving and reciprocated in various forms.

The music and arts family is an expansive web that I can always rely on. On boxing day I received a note from Nat Miles, owner of the Elmdale House Tavern, she was touched by my plans to cross the country by bike and offered her venue as a starting point. The cool thing is that as I was sending her a thanking you note, I noticed in the Ottawa Citizen that the Elmdale was voted “hot” as a desirable and crucial concert house. It was a bit of synchronistic which made me realize that I’m on the right track for the right reasons. Living my life by following my passions, I’ve aligned myself with others who are doing the same. That being said, I’m entering into a new experimental phase of my life, in polarity to the post capitalism experiment which found me living in an enchanted forest, surviving on roasted oysters and through an act of pure joy, was dumpsterdiving and consequently feeding a gang of 5 to 20 hungry teenagers. I spent my days reading, long-boarding, exploring and basically having fun all the time. It grew a bit tiresome after a while since I had no challenges to overcome. Eventually I came across a hot yoga studio, moved in and started doing yoga about three times a day.

This new endeavor will focus on the arrangement of time and effort to produce positive outcomes. For the next four months, I will maintain a, (new word in the english lexicon) pro-active approach to getting things done. The main hurdle is to cast away any fear of success or of hard work. I’ve always known that I have the some of the best qualities any human can hope for, it’s time to fully embrace my talents, intelligence, tender heart and spiritual sensibilities. The more I work, the more people will recognize my innate power and beauty and be inspired to follow their hearts as I have mine.

I’ll keep this blog updated, since having an audience entails a responsibility and it contributes to the dissemination of my hopes and dreams. So here we go, it’s time to live Maximalism.

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